Seashells guest info

This section is just for our guests and contains all the practical information you need about your holiday home.  Please read it thoroughly so you are aware of what to do should any issues arise.

Issues and problems

We try to make sure that everything is perfect for you, but if you have any issues or problems during your stay, please get in touch immediately so we can put things right during your stay.


The main stopcock is located at the water meter in the grass to the rear of the property (ie village side) – each property is metered separately via a small metal flap in the ground with the property number (16) marked inside.  In case of emergency Paul next door will be able to help.  The tap at high level in the cupboard which houses the washing machine shuts off the feed to the hot water tank only.


The main trip switch box is in the cupboard on the wall above the bunk beds in the twin bedroom.  It is locked for safety - the key is to the left of the top shelf of the kitchen wall cupboard above the toaster should you need it. There are also spare batteries in this cupboard and a torch on the living room windowsill should you need them.


The Wi-Fi network name and password are on the back of the Wi-Fi hub in the living area. The landline telephone is for emergencies and your convenience, but please keep outgoing calls to a minimum to enable me to continue to provide this service and keep rental costs down.  The phone number for incoming calls is 01209 891594.  Mobile reception is poor but there is usually signal on the beach and the coast path.

Heating and hot water

In the colder months the heater in the lounge is set to come on in the mornings (7-11 am) and evenings (4 - 11pm).  You can toggle between modes using the mode key to turn the heaters to 'on' (sun at top of screen), 'economy' (moon at top of screen), 'frost protect' (snowflake at top of screen) or 'timed' (program at bottom of screen).  To adjust the temperature press the plus or minus keys in the 'on' mode (sun at top of screen). 

If you have young children you can also lock the controls on the heater by pressing the + and – buttons together for 5 seconds, and the same to unlock it.  You can also put the heater in ‘economy’ (cooler) mode by pressing the ‘mode’ button until you see a moon at the top of the screen.

Please use the heaters efficiently and put them in frost protect mode when they are not needed to enable me to keep my rental costs down. Please leave them in 'frost protect' mode on your departure.

In the bathroom, you can turn the towel rail on and off as you need using the dial at the bottom.  The light is red while it is heating up and green when it has got up to the temperature set on the dial.  For a two hour ‘boost’, press the button to the left of the dial – the light will then flash red.  To turn off the boost simply press the button again.  

The hot water tank heats overnight – please use the immersion switch if you need more than one tankful during the day, but again please switch it off when it is not needed.


Rubbish MUST be placed in the dustbins at the bottom of our steps (not next to the shed) in tied black plastic sacks - there are spare sacks under the sink if you need them.  Bin day is Monday - it is very helpful if you could place the bins to the front of our parking space on Sunday night or early Monday morning for collection, even if you have not yet used them, as there may be rubbish from previous guests.  It is helpful if you do not empty the bin on departure so I can put in any last bits during the changeover.

Recycling can be placed in the grey plastic tub next to the kitchen bin.  Please empty your recycling at the recycling station in the main beach carpark opposite the apartment before your departure.  Please do not use the recycling facilities in the yard as these are for the downstairs apartment.


There is a dedicated parking space for the flat just outside the gate at the bottom of the access steps.  Please take care of the edge to the side and the steps at the back of the parking space when parking and getting out of your car.  There are also a few shared, first come first served spaces opposite if you have a second car. 

Excess sand

It is a condition of our rental terms that every effort is made to avoid washing sand down the drains as this may block them.  Please do not wash off wetsuits and other beach equipment in the bath/shower or sinks.  A tub of water is provided for rinsing these items outside. We find it very useful for sandy feet as well!


Please do not smoke in the apartment.  If you smoke outside please dispose of cigarette butts responsibly and do not allow them to fall onto the patio below.


The towels provided are for the apartment only, please do not take them to the beach.

Tumble dryer

The dryer has a filter so if you use it please check and clear it – it is located in the bottom part of the circular opening.  When using the dryer please air the apartment or condensation will build up.  There is an ironing board behind the sofa and an iron in the cupboard under the sink.  There is also a clothes airer under the double bed.


It is very helpful if you could indicate which bed linen and towels have been used by stripping the beds and leaving them on the floor, and unused items on the beds, to avoid unnecessary laundering.

Business cards/postcards

Please feel free to take a few of our business cards as a memento or for friends and family.  We are keen to encourage guests to book directly with us or online through our website to save them the steep booking fees and charges imposed by the main online booking sites.  If you have friends, family or colleagues who you feel would enjoy staying with us, please help us to spread the word by taking a few of our business cards for them.  A review on our Facebook page ( or Google business page (google ‘Seashells Porthtowan’) would also be enormously appreciated to help us become independent of the listing sites.

Departure details

Departure time is 10 am.  Please leave the apartment reasonably clean and tidy and return the keys to the key safe when leaving. 

Your next holiday

We offer all our guests 5% off their next holiday with us.  Drop us a line anytime at or through our website at to book without fees.  You can also book online through our website using the code REPEAT02 to claim the discount if you prefer.