Gift vouchers

We are able to offer gift vouchers for any monetary value, for a specific week or weekend, or for any week or weekend within one of our seasonal price periods.  Great for celebrating a special anniversary or birthday, or to treat that special friend or family member to a great holiday they will remember forever...

All the information about the value and how to redeem the gift voucher is on the back - all the recipient needs to do is contact us through our website or simply by email or phone, quoting the voucher number to make their booking. 

All bookings are of course subject to availability and our terms and conditions.  Vouchers for a week/weekend within a seasonal price period are valid for two years but we will still honour their value toward any booking after this time.  If we are unable to take a booking due to lack of availability within a seasonal price period, we are again happy honour the value of the voucher towards any other booking. 

We are able to offer any photo from our website on our vouchers.  If you would like to buy one, please contact us to discuss your requirements.  We can email you a payment link to make your payment by credit card, or can take payments by bank transfer or cheque if you prefer, and will send your voucher out to you as soon as possible.