Why do our prices go up in the summer and school holidays?

We are often asked why prices go up in the summer and in school holidays. We would love to be able to offer a fair and consistent price year round, but it just wouldn’t be viable.

We are at rock bottom prices all winter, that we barely make a profit on, and even then we are empty for most of the winter months.

We still have all the maintenance costs, upgrades and associated effort of running our holiday home during this time so need to increase the prices in summer when the demand is there, to effectively subsidise the long winter period.

If we had a middling consistent price year round, guests would be biting our hands off in summer but we’d be even emptier than currently in the winter. And we just wouldn’t make enough to make it worthwhile running our holiday home as a business.

I hope this has explained things clearly...we do try to keep our prices reasonable and we think we offer very fair seasonal prices. Judging by our bookings and previous guest comments, our guests do too 🙂.


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