A week at Seashells - Feb half term

We have just come home from a wonderful week at Seashells for February half term and I just had to write about it!  It was sooo nice to truly relax in our beautiful home-from-home and just while away the hours staring out at the sky and sea.  The view is ever changing, as you can see from the photos.  I especially love watching the light fade and all the twinkly lights come on - the sea is always the last to fade from view.  Even in the rain it's lovely to look out and feel all warm and cosy inside.  I love coming in the winter just as much as the summer, as you can snuggle up and just watch the spectacular seas from the comfort of the sofa with no pressure to go out and do anything at all if you don't want to!

Firstborn son however wasn't in quite the same mood.  Almost as soon as we got there he was out flying his kite in the lovely evening light.  It's so nice that he can have so much freedom in Porthtowan, while we watch him from the comfort of the apartment.  He had a whale of a time flying his kite and it was a pleasure to watch him, silhouetted against the beautiful evening skies.

We planned to put in loft insulation while we were at the apartment this time.  However our first day was so lovely that we couldn't resist going out for a refreshing cliff walk before we got started.  We ended up going past Chapel Porth and all the way to the spectacular Towanroath engine house beyond.  The children loved leaping about and exploring the ruins - they especially like dropping stones down the (safely grated) mineshaft and waiting to hear how long it is before they hit the bottom.  Those shafts go down a long way!  We wandered back across the top of the cliffs and arrived home tired, relaxed and happy.

The next two days were a hard slog to get the loft insulation done - we didn't quite realise how much hard work it would be!  But super worth it as we noticed how much cosier the apartment was almost straightaway. The children enjoyed the freedom to relax, watch films and play games while we got on with it - without being dragged out on a walk or any other boring 'grownup' activity!  Son number one was super helpful taking bags of old insulation out to the car and passing things up and down through the loft hatch when needed.  The children also went over to the playpark in the afternoons - despite moaning it was too cold we had trouble dragging them away once they got out there!  Again, so nice that they can have that freedom while we kept an eye on them from the lounge window.

On the fourth day we treated ourselves to a welcome break.  My mum came down to visit for the day and we headed over to the National Maritime Museum at Falmouth, where they were putting on a 'Science of the Sea' show, complete with bangs, potions and explosions galore!  The children loved it and even the adults learned quite a bit! I love the maritime museum, so much interesting stuff to see and lots of hands on displays to entertain the children (they particularly like jumping on the RNLI jet ski and in the inflatable life raft).  When you go you get a pass to return free for a year, which is well worth having as there is so much to see and museum often has different displays.  We are looking forward to the 'Titanic Stories' exhibition that begins in March and will definitely go back for that next time we are down.

At the end of the week, tired, happy and satisfied with a lovely week of work and play and a good job done, we treated ourselves to Friday burger night at the Porthtowan Beach Cafe.  We often do this when we're down, it's a lovely relaxed atmosphere with a delicious range of different burgers (my favourite is the venison, goats cheese and red-onion relish) and bring your own beer or wine.  And best of all I don't have to cook!

We had a fantastic week at Seashells and I can't wait to go back again soon.  Meantime bookings have started again with all the improvements we have made over the quiet winter months - as well as the loft insulation, we have a shiny new cooker and fridge and a lovely new white wooden frame double bed.  Everything has been washed, scrubbed and deep cleaned and we are all ready for the busy summer season ahead - I really hope all our guests have as lovely a time as we have!

Hope to see you at Seashells soon,

Jenny :-)